Email Agency Seeking Design and Coding Jedi

Email Marketing Jedi Wanted
We’re hiring!


– “get it”;
– are crazy smart;
– are a marketer at heart;
– know your way around an ESP;
– use more text than images;
– are great with design;
– code like it’s 1999.


– “gets it” too;
– is successful, yet happy;
– is email-centric;
– has been in the biz since 1997;
– takes this stuff VERY seriously;
– treats our clients like our mothers;
– has a tradition of Beer Fridays;
– pays well;
– can elevate you to rock star status.


– Orlando Florida;
Oakland to be exact.


– Call or email Scott;
– ping @indiescott;
– unless of course you’re a recruiter.


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