1. Hi Scott,

    Job well done my friend! So proud of my Mailchimp! You deserved the belt long before this video in my book.


  2. And I really like the use of dynamic merge tags in your template to insert interest-group dependent content. With rounded corners, even. I’m working on a blog post about that now…congrats, and remember not to abuse the power that comes with that wrestling belt.


    P.S. Ah what the heck. Abuse away!

  3. Congrats Scott!

    Good stuff on the template. The animation was a nice touch. The belt is pretty awesome. The sequel needs to involve Mr. T and “Prediction? Pain!”

  4. Scott,

    You status on the MailChimp site, your website, and in particular your victory video has all worked to convince me that we simply must use your services to help us launch our new e-mail newsletter.

    Congrats on the victory, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

    David Porter
    The Roaming Boomers, LLC.

  5. Sheez, that last comment was full of typos. I must learn to slow down when hitting the submit button.


    Anyway, congrats, and we look forward to working with you.

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