Feeling the Customer Love

For a few years we’ve using “We Love Email” as our tagline, catch phrase, or whatever you’d like to call it. I’ve been told that it’s an effective branding mechanism; I don’t know about that.

But every so often our customers will go out of their way to send us a some extra love. I suppose that’s proof that our “We Love Email” message not only resonates with our customers it’s also in line with what we promise. Thanks to you all, much love!

Justin with Golf Outlet
Mike with Savage Pools
Isabella with Hasbro Deutschland

Email Agency Seeking Design and Coding Jedi

Email Marketing Jedi Wanted
We’re hiring!


– “get it”;
– are crazy smart;
– are a marketer at heart;
– know your way around an ESP;
– use more text than images;
– are great with design;
– code like it’s 1999.


– “gets it” too;
– is successful, yet happy;
– is email-centric;
– has been in the biz since 1997;
– takes this stuff VERY seriously;
– treats our clients like our mothers;
– has a tradition of Beer Fridays;
– pays well;
– can elevate you to rock star status.


– Orlando Florida;
Oakland to be exact.


– Call or email Scott;
– ping @indiescott;
– unless of course you’re a recruiter.