1. And what about Mailjet! You always forget about us ^^

    Fancy all in one cloud emailing solution, for both transactional & marketing email. Prices, interface, performance… And Europe based!

    1. Actually Elie, Mailjet was mentioned however we did not review your product. As we decided early on to create this review for the benefit of app developers and few would argue that Mandrill or SendGrid are not designed for (or marketed to) developers.

      1. For sure! And it’s true that it can cause a lack of clarity when one chooses to compare more than 2 services. It can become complicated…

        However, I’ve said this because I’ve just realized that people are complaining about certain problems that do not exist with Mailjet. I.e. you don’t have to pay for DKIM / SPF personalization, you can use the newsletter tool with no extra fee, you can manage both transactional & marketing email, you can set up priorities, etc. Therefore, it would be interesting to see more Mailjet VS US products: I’m sure the senders would love it.

        We’re beginning to have quite a good traction in the US, so I guess this will come naturally, with time.

        Again, thanks for your post, we’re happy whenever someone speaks about email and the new solutions on the market!

  2. Of course, I am going to recommend a product that offers transactional email as part of its basic feature set, 😉 but I was wondering how these programs handle dynamic content.

    1. MessageGears has many of the Transactional features of Mandrill and SendGrid, but we focus on API-based bulk email with rich personalization capabilities. Many of our customers are Marketing Automation providers who use us for the back-end email rendering, delivery, and tracking.

  3. Good analysis, but very incomplete. There are reasons why SendGrid is more than twice the size of MailChimp in terms of total emails sent monthly. SendGrid sends more than 100x more transactional emails than MailChimp. Plus Mandril is still a clunky Beta product. SendGrid has more than 6 APIs, plus they do marketing emails at a fraction of the cost of MailChimp. The comparison is simple, look around, the market has already decided who is better.

  4. Don’t forget about AlphaMail. Client libraries in over 8 languages, highly personalizable template language, NOSMTP (coined). It will blow your socks off! 🙂

  5. Mandrill is the buggiest online service we have ever used. The reporting is completely useless. The filters on the left hand side do not work..at all. The interface has a plethora of bugs. It sends mail, I think..but that’s about it. Can’t trust ANY of the stats it provides on open, clicks, etc.. It is easy to not notice this in a limited review, but from a day-to-day use, it is pretty much garbage

  6. “The days of an in-house MTA…team are all but over?” Really? Says who? We are seeing higher demand than ever from senders who understand security, flexibility & reliability are where it’s at when it comes to email delivery. And, these are best provided by an in-house managed email sending infrastructure. Has been so for the past 13 years in our case. Whoops, is that another tweet from a cloud delivery provider disclosing that their system is down?

  7. In terms of pricing, Mandrill offers the same $0.1/1000 email as Amazon SES but with tracking and analytics, while SendGrid offers this with their Lite plan that comes with no tracking and analytics. Their Silver Plan that offers tracking and analytics would cost 8 times more.

  8. Looking at using Mandrill to send emails to students enrolled in online technical certification start-up. The goal is to nurture a relationship between student and system-do you think Mandrill is the best way to go or something else?

    1. Mandrill will certainly work but if the volume you’ll be sending is low you can simply use a more traditional deployment tool, like MailChimp, which doesn’t require any configuration.

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