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Three Testworthy Technologies for Ecommerce Marketers

We’re always on the lookout for marketing technology products and startups that might potentially change the email landscape. I recently found three products that forward-thinking ecommerce marketers might want to check out.

1) Bizzy: Behavioral Marketing Automation for Shopify


Bizzy ( will automatically analyze and segment ecommerce customers by using data from your ecommerce shop (you’ll need a Shopify store). Bizzy then pre-fabricates all of the campaigns – including the copy, discounts and photos. Users then edit any portion to make it more personal.

They claim this can all be accomplished in 15 minutes with no marketing department, no big budget and lift sales by 35%.

2) Tinyclues: Discrete Product Promotion Predictions


Tinyclues ( is a predictive marketing SaaS startup targeting ecommerce companies with greater than 20,000 active users. I would venture to guess that this is also volume level needed to make the predictions significant.

How it works: Pick any of your ecommerce products to promote and Tinyclues’ prediction model determines which of your customers is mostly likely to buy the item selected for promotion and the best message to send to optimize conversion. Tinyclues works with your existing marketing automation software.

3) Cinematique: Touchable Video


Cinematique ( has the first touchable video platform. Touch, tap or click anything in a Cinematique produced video and it will be curated in your own personal boutique for later exploration. Pretty cool stuff.

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– Gerald Marshall,  Email Industries