Email Service Providers

Wanted: Kickass Client Management / Campaign Deployment Specialist

You’ll work directly with clients to manage deployment. Includes creating, testing and deploying message as well as analytic review (email creative will be crafted by others).

You must have strong customer service skills, email marketing knowledge, knowledge of multiple ESPs a plus, but not required.

You’ll need to be good at:

  • Managing client relationships
  • Multitasking, organization and time management
  • MS Office: Including Outlook, Word and Excel as well as Basic to advanced HTML Skills
  • Problem solving skills and attention to detail
  • Face-to-face and telephone communications with clients
  • Working in a busy environment (it gets crazy here at times)
  • Report writing & documentation
  • Must be a self-starter (we’re okay with you working remotely)

What you’ll get from us:

  • The opportunity to build your knowledge of email marketing by working for a leading email marketing agency
  • An opportunity to advance within the company
  • The experience of managing email marketing campaigns for SMBs as well as well-known international brands.
  • The benefit of working from home, imagine no commute and saving on gas and time


Please submit your resume to or call 214-530-5972 ext: 705


The Ultimate Email Service Provider Comparison Guide: Includes Discount Code and Free Version

Our friends at Red Pill Email have released the newest version of their highly anticipated Email Service Provider Comparison Guide; an insanely comprehensive view of the features and functions of 45 email service providers, in the US and Europe.

If you’re just starting out or in the market for a more appropriate email marketing platform, this affordable email service provider comparison guide is a no-brainer.

It breaks the vendors out into small-market, mid-market and enterprise companies. Additions to this year’s guide were what verticals the email service providers tend to specialize in and what skill level you should have in order to use its services. It also details the email service providers pricing options, strengths and weaknesses.

The full 173-page report costs $500. Red Pill Email also offers a small-market version focusing on 17 small business-focused email vendors for $150, as well as a pared down free version.

Comparison Guides

Full Guide ($500, $450 with promo code)

Small Market Edition ($150, $135 with promo code)

Free Version

Discount Promo Code

Use “INDIEMARK” at checkout and save 10%.

Please note that we DO NOT receive any commissions on the sale of these email vendor guides, we just think it’s simply the best email service comparison guide on the market, plus we really like the folks at Red Pill Email.