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Why I love Email Marketing: The People

When I first launched Indiemark I reached out to Mark Brownlow, the publisher of Email Marketing Reports, about available advertising opportunities on his blog and newsletter. Not surprisingly Mark was booked, for the foreseeable future. You see, Mark has been the voice of permission-based email marketing long before its true power was recognized by most marketers.

Many moons later, newsletter ad space became available but instead of charging me for this remnant inventory all Mark asked for in return was Jelly Beans, seriously. Apparently they’re hard to come by in Austria where Mark and his family call home.

The beans were sent. The ad was run. The clicks and calls followed. I felt indebted to Mark. Yet today I received this handwritten note from Mark along with Austrian chocolates, which my wife and daughter will certainly devour.

These acts alone don’t make this industry great but it does confirm that Mark’s one heckuva guy and supports what I already knew; the email marketing industry is like no other. Phrases like sharing, win-win, long-term value, and relationships aren’t just words they permeate the culture. I’m grateful to be a part of it and the other people listed here.