How to Make Email Marketing Fun (Even if You Aren’t)

The inbox is a tough place.

People get a lot of emails each day. It’s a cutthroat competition amongst businesses to get attention.

One way businesses are getting attention is to be fun or a little quirky.

But for some businesses being fun doesn’t come easy.

Maybe the brand isn’t fun and exciting or maybe you are just conservative by nature.

In order to compete and win over customers you need to stand out.

Let’s look at a few ways companies are having fun with email even if they aren’t fun themselves.

Fun Tip #1 – Use Humor

Email Marketing Humor

Lee Jeans had a little fun with this Facebook competition. It’s a fun play on words.

People like to laugh.

When we laugh we feel good. It’s a physiological reaction to be in a good mood when something makes us smile.

Since buying is an emotional experience it’s good for you if your subscribers feel good as a result of humor.

A funny play on words can make people stop and give extra thought to your email. They’ll smile and those positive vibes will translate to brand recognition and more sales.

Fun Tip #2 – Try Unique Layouts

Horizontal email designs are becoming more common like this recent example from Fossil.

Horizontal email designs are becoming more common like this recent example from Fossil.

You probably have a template for your email program.

When was the last time you tried something different?

I’m not talking about changing a few elements or adding in some splashes of color. I’m talking about really changing up the layout with something that will surprise your subscribers.

Sometimes it’s good to mix things up and get a little crazy.

Horizontal emails are becoming more popular. When I received this Fossil email it stood out. I immediately started scrolling to the right to see what was being featured. It was like there was something hidden.

Horizontal scrolling is also much easier on a smartphone or on a tablet. People are used to it so you can use something like this design to change things up and stay fun and hip.

Get crazy with your layouts. Go with something horizontal or even thin and long. Surprise your subscribers and have a little fun.

Fun Tip #3 – Use Fun Words

Fun copy in email marketing.

Old Navy understands snappy and fun. The report on coral is that it’s in and hip for this year.

Images aren’t the only way you can have fun with your email.

The language you use can be fun. Not only can it be fun, you can make it more enjoyable by being snappy and concise.

People respond to short, quick sentences and phrases.

We’re busy and we don’t have time to read novels. Be snappy and fun and you’ll get attention.

Fun Tip #4 – Make Emails Look Awesome with Images “Off”

Images On Email

Images On

Images off

Images Off: Pizza Express had a little fun with the images off. It’s something most marketers don’t often consider with design.

Have you ever gotten an email where the images were turned off?

You probably have…many times.

When you’re creating designs for your subscribers you probably don’t think that people spend much time looking at the email without the images.

Think of the images off mode in the email as an opportunity to have some fun.

The example above from Pizza Express is a great one. They’re having fun with the images off. People will do a double take when they see it.

Final Thoughts on Making Emails More Fun

Surprisingly it’s not always easy to have fun.

Not all brands are naturally fun, but there are unique things you can do with design and content to have fun and stand out in the inbox.

Try these fun tips and see if you get more response. You should stand out in the inbox and get a little edge on the competition.

And remember to have some fun!

About the Author: Scott Hardigree is Founder of Indiemark. You can connect with him everywhere, here.

Using Email Promotions to Convert B2B Subscribers to Clients

The holiday season is just ramping up, but most business-to-business marketers are already looking toward the beginning of next year. Rightfully so; now is the time to get plans ready for Q1 because that time is just as critical for B2B as the holidays are for retailers.

New Year Means New B2B Budgets

Many businesses start their fiscal years in January.

For B2B companies this means that new budgets have been approved and potential clients are out there actively looking for partners. If you can position (or reposition) yourself in the first quarter of the year you can earn new clients and get your company started out successfully next year.

Email is Still the Killer B2B App

Each year executives look at every program that generates net sales and profit. One area that is looked at every year in many companies is the email program.

Here are three high-level promotional ideas to turn those business email subscribers into clients, not matter if you’re using ad hoc email marketing campaigns or marketing automation.

Offer Free Trials or Guarantees

B2B email free trial example from LinkedIn

LinkedIn reaches out to its subscribers with free offers to entice action.

Free trials, samples, and guarantees are a great way to get people to take the bait and grow their comfort level.

People are wary about committing to something. To circumvent this hesitation you can offer them the no-risk trial, or if it’s fitting a guarantee. The great thing for you is that once they’ve made this first commitment they’ll be more likely to choose your service for the long run.

Now, you do have to deliver on your promises.

It’s all about getting that first commitment. You got the person to subscribe to your email program. Now use your email program to get them to take the next action step.

Share “New” Products

B2B Email Example of New Product Releases.

Google AdWords uses their email program to promote new products.

One way to do this is by offering new products or services. The first quarter is a popular time to introduce new offerings so it’s the perfect time to increase the revenue you earn from existing clients.

The product doesn’t necessarily have to be new to your company either. The product or service can simply be something else you offer that a segment of your prospect or client list doesn’t know about it or use it yet.

Don’t Foget to Promote Events, Webinars and Hot Content

B2B Event Email Example

Amazon Web Services promotes an upcoming event to their email subscribers.

Imagine the sales process you use when you sell something to a potential client face-to-face. The process likely takes some time and involves multiple conversations. The person will have questions. You’ll have to go back to your desk and put together some answers. This is part of the marketing process.

Email marketing in the B2B world works the same way. Instead of selling to all your subscribers, it’s about marketing to them in order to move them through the sales funnel. Nurturing them.

One way to do this is by promoting marketing material like events, webinars, guides and other resource material. It can all work to earn your customers trust and convince them that your solution will benefit their company.