4 Ways to Convert B2B Email Subscribers to Customers

Convert B2B Newsletter Subscribers to Customers

Do you have a B2B audience that’s loyal to your company’s email newsletter, but not necessarily converting to clients?

Maybe for now your newsletter is enough because you haven’t given them compelling reasons to move beyond the content and get interested in what you’re actually selling. It was always the plan though, right?

Email newsletters are typically one part of a lead generation program. It’s just that sometimes the leap isn’t made from subscriber to customer because a plan’s not in place to nurture the prospect along that path. They get the newsletter. They like the newsletter. They have no reason to take another action.

If that’s the case at your business, below are four quick and easy, down and dirty ways to start moving that newsletter reader from a content consumer to an actual customer. Because that is why you started the newsletter in the first place, remember: not to become a publisher, but to make sales.

Offer something

You don’t have to invest a lot of time or money to create an offer. Look at what you already have as an asset, and figure out how to quickly repackage that into a giveaway. Possibilities include:

  • Free trials
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Swag

Announce something

Although constantly talking about yourself or your brand is a little rude in the inbox, tooting your own horn when something cool happens is perfectly acceptable. It also gives you a way to promote your solution to your subscriber audience. Simply send out an email that makes the announcement in an “Oh, gosh, we are so happy about this and just have to share” kind of way (as opposed to a “this is the coolest gadget ever, buy now” kind of way). Possibilities include:

  • New products / services / features
  • Awards
  • Funding
  • Media recognition

Promote something

Have an upcoming trade show or event you’re attending? Use that as an excuse to email your subscribers. You’ll come across as helpful (“Hey, just want to make sure you know about this important event”), but you’ll also be reminding them that you do in fact sell stuff. Possibilities include:

  • Industry-specific tradeshows
  • Marketing events
  • Webinars
  • Association meetings

Ask for something

You know what people like more than anything else in the whole world? Themselves. So make an email about them by asking them for something. This gives you a chance to remind them you’re a vendor, and it opens the door to further communication if you compile your results or share them on social media and ask contributors to share. Possibilities include:

  • Do a survey about pain points your product or services addresses (in a subtle way, of course)
  • Ask for pictures that are somehow related to your product. For example, let’s say your product saves time. Ask for pictures of people doing something fun with their extra time. Even if they’re not currently a client using your product, you’ll be planting seeds, my friend, planting seeds…
  • Ask them for stories about situations they’ve faced and/or overcome that are—like the pictures idea above—related to the solutions you sell.

And of course, every single one of these communications has a call to action of some kind that the subscriber can click on for a next step…a next step closer to customerdom, that is.

Now… let’s get you subscribed! 🙂


scottScott Hardigree is the Founder of Email Industries, the folks behind Indiemark and BlackBox.

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