How to Reuse Content for Email Marketing

Not every email has to be entirely unique.

It’s okay to reuse content. This is probably different than other information you’ve heard, but it’s true.

Email marketing can be quite a bit of work and the smartest companies are the ones that know how to effectively manage their effort. Not every business has unlimited budgets to hire designers, merchandisers and writers to create all kinds of email.

The truth is you can get just as much or even more out of emails that reuse content.

Here’s how.

Reuse Blog Content

RSS to Email

Use blog content in your email newsletters.

Email newsletters and blogs are areas where companies double up on content. In this example we have the popular media company, Taste of Country, which is part of a larger media company that owns radio stations all over the country.

The email newsletter sends out updates every few days. The email content is built from the content on the blog.

Now, even though the content in the newsletter is reused it’s not useless. People rely on the email to get their information.

Not everyone is wired to visit the site every day. They need a reminder that there is new content on the site. They could also just browse the email for the headlines and get the latest news bites.

You can automate this with your blog. There are ways to pull in the info from the blog to the email newsletter and have it go out automatically. You can also have your email designer add a few extra elements like photos and other items to make the email a little more interesting. You could have the copywriter add a few extra details in the email to give subscribers a little something extra.

This also works in reverse as will each of these tips.

If you have an email newsletter you can easily create a blog with the same content. It’s a great way to get that content onto your site for the search engines to crawl giving them reason to send you traffic.

Reuse Testimonials

Email Testimonials

Customer reviews add social proof to emails.

As you can see above, LL Bean does a great job with using customer reviews. They put the reviews in emails, catalogs, videos and any other point of customer contact. I’m sure they even pass the reviews around internally so employees can feel good about the job they’re doing.

Most ecommerce sites have reviews. It’s a standard feature. Customers want to see what other people are buying and how satisfied they are with the products.

Well those reviews don’t have to stay only on the site. Use those reviews whenever you can in your email programs. You could create entire email themes around customer reviews.

And get creative with where you get reviews. You can use the ones from your website, but also look at the emails the customer service folks receive. There is usually some gold in there that you could use.

Reuse Social Media Content

Social Your Emails

Golf Digest was one of the first to use Instagram in different ways.

Finally we have a growing opportunity for email marketers: Social Media.

You’ll have to check with the various Terms and Services agreements, but for the most part you can reuse content from social media in various circumstances.

In the example above you see that Golf Digest brings in photos from Instagram to their website. It’s possible they have also used it in their magazine and in emails, but we can’t confirm that right now. If you find proof please leave a comment and we can verify.

The point is you can use this great content on social media in your emails.

Photos, screenshots of videos, text and anything else can be reused in emails. Use Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook material.

It can change things up and add more value to your email marketing.


Each of these tips is meant to accomplish two things.

First, reusing content saves you time. You don’t have to rewrite everything for your email program. You don’t have to come up with entire new concepts if you’re already creating concepts for other media like a website or a catalog.

Second, reusing content can add interest to your email program. The Instagram example above is great. Adding those photos to an email program makes it interesting. It’s different than the usual product photo. If someone buys a pair of shoes from your company you could do the regular email where you show the product photo or you could use a photo from Instagram of someone wearing your shoe brand. Just make sure they’re tagging it with a hashtag.

Are there any other ways you can reuse content for email marketing?

Share your advice in the comments.

AUTHOR: Scott Hardigree is the founder of Indiemark. You can connect with him everywhere, here.


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