It Pays to work with MailChimp Experts, Literally

MailChimp ExpertsIt’s no secret, MailChimp is one of our preferred email marketing service providers here at Indiemark and we’re proud to say that we’re numbered among their MailChimp Experts. But that’s not the only reason why we’re huge fans.

They are one of the few email services providers that understand that a great product doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. For example, they offer features such as dynamic content and robust, yet easy to use, template language; features that are not even available at more formal and certainly more pricey ESPs.

MailChimp Expert Exchange Program – Get Paid To Outsource

Beyond pricing and features we love MailChimp’s recently launched Expert Exchange Program, in which we participate.

What’s This: Need consulting, custom MailChimp templates, API work, or someone to manage your email marketing? Hire us and MailChimp will reimburse you 50% of what you spend with us.

Do You Qualify: If you’ve got paid MailChimp Monthly Plan, you qualify!

How it Works: Once your project with Indiemark is complete,  send your paid invoice to MailChimp. Then MailChimp will take 50% off your monthly bill for six months or until they have reimbursed you for half of the cost of your project. Pretty sweet huh?!?!

Already Have a MailChimp Account?

Review our MailChimp Services or tell us about your needs.

Need a MailChimp Account?

Go to MailChimp, click the “Sign Up Free”, and activate your account via the confirmation email. You’re all set!



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