1. Very cool find on your part. I’ve seen our creative team do something similar with gradient borders but I never thought of creating an image pixel by pixel with HTML. The best use cases make a lot of sense – especially for social media icons which often make it into the pre-header and should thus always render.

    If nothing else this underscores the fact that way more email creative should be coded to use system text rather than images. Overuse of imagery is the #1 design best practice violation I see, both in terms of frequency and severity.

    1. Thanks Maayan, we’re really happy that we found it.

      Nice observations by the way. Couldn’t agree more.

      1. Is there any way to make the “images” clickable? perhaps overlaying with transparent gifs? the inability to click is a huge drawback to using this for logos or sm icons as that is typically a highly clicked area.

      2. Hi Maayan – It is a drawback and at this time we have not identified a solution. Transparent images could work in some email clients but not all.

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